18235 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85053
(602) 504-1200
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Free Hot Continental Breakfast
Start your day with our Free Hot Continental Breakfast.
Free Parking
Our guests are welcome to park all around the property.
Waiting Area
While you wait to be checked in and checked out, you may find yourself in our comfortable waiting area.
Business Center with High-Speed Internet
Left your laptop at home? Our business center will provide you with complete accessibility.
Fitness Center
We provide a state of the art fitness center for our valued guests.
Outdoor Heated Pool and Spa
Rest and relax some more with our outdoor spa built for your comfort.
With Choice Privileges, you’re always close to your next reward. Ask our Quality Inn front desk and associates for more information. Choice Privileges allows you to earn points for you to travel around the world. These perks include express reservation and check-in. You may also receive extreme discounts and promotions. Our points can be used on weekend getaways such as a movie or dinner during your travels with the family.

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