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Things to Do and Dining

 The Grand Canyon
As everyone knows, Arizona’s biggest attraction is this natural wonder and that’s why it’s the first one on our list. We recommend using an all-purpose tour company to get the complete Grand Canyon experience. Of course, not everyone needs this, but if you’re here for a limited amount of time, then investing in one of these tours may be a good option to maximize your time here. There are many companies that will take you from Phoenix as well.

Phoenix Zoo

This non-profit zoo opened in 1962 and has been one of Phoenix’s prime destinations. It’s a great place to take your kids as well as other family members. The Zoo has over 1,400 animals and is built on 125 acres of land. The zoo does feature several African and Rainforest animals, including the African lion and tiger. In 2006, they opened the Stingray Bay, which has over 30 stingrays. They do allow people to touch the stingrays as well. It’s a very fun and exciting place. If you’re staying in Phoenix during the Winter season, the Phoenix Zoo becomes Zoo Lights at night, a beautiful attraction. To get your tickets, go to the official website of The Phoenix Zoo.

Arizona Science Center

Located in Downtown Phoenix, only a 15-20 minute drive from our hotel, is the Arizona Science Center with over 350 exhibits. The center gets over 400,000 visitors every year, so be sure to choose a day that may not be as busy. If you have a young one, this is the perfect place for them to explore and embrace their inner curiosity and passion to learn. The center has plenty to offer for us adults as well. There’s always room to learn something new. If you’d like to receive more information, please visit Arizona Science Center.
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