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Pueblo Grand Museum and Archaeological Park
Pueblo Grand Museum and Archaeological Park
Pueblo Grand Museum and Archaeological Park


Visit a pre-Columbian site of the Hohokams and see remnants of ancient trails, a village and irrigation canals. Part museum and part conservation site, the outdoor trail is maintained to showcase popular ancient trails. You can also find a changing gallery, main gallery and children’s gallery that will whisk you into the past at the indoor museum.

In the Main Gallery, the featured Hohokam: The Land and the People exhibit takes visitors to the heart of the indigenous arts, agriculture and architecture. Discover more about the intricate canal system that is the foundation for today’s system. See one of a kind red-on-buff pottery and the tools the Hohokams used to create stunning stone and shell jewelry. Photomurals show what the area may have looked like during the era of the Hohokams with themed rooms including The Sonoran Desert, Architects, Arts and Artisans, Canal Builders and more.

The Heart of Phoenix

From the Hohokam’s ballcourts to their petroglyphs, visitors are immersed in the history and culture of Phoenix’s beginnings. Visit the Big House, Pueblo Grande, which the Hohokam’s used to observe the stars. Hands-on experiences including “Making an impression” let visitors of all ages enjoy a comprehensive history lesson.

In the Children’s Gallery, little ones are encouraged to Dig It: Explore Archaeology! Dig into layers of Phoenix’s past at the stratigraphy wall, check out a working archaeological site, and see first-hand how archaeologist uncover clues. From building your own mini Hohokam village to kicking back in the theater, this museum and historic site is a must-see for all Phoenix guests.

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