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South Mountain Park
South Mountain Park
South Mountain Park


Hurry before the heat arrives! Hiking South Mountain Park gives outdoor lovers incredible views of the city and landscape, and May is the perfect time of year for a visit. Explore, 16,000 acres with three mountain ranges including the Ma-Ha-Tauk, Guadalupe and Gila. As one of the biggest parks in the U.S., there are 51 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Boasting options for all ability levels, South Mountain Park offers a unique way to experience Arizona.

At the main entrance, drive just over five miles to Dobbins Lookout. Schedule your visit for sunrise or sunset for the most impressive views of the valley. You can also check out Gila Lookout for a view of the gorgeous Gila River Valley. Keep in mind that scenic roads are used by hikers and bikers, too.

A Phoenix High

The highest point in the park is Mount Suppoa, which isn’t accessible to the public but soars above the skyline at 2,690 feet. There’s Dobbins Lookout for hikers at 2,330 feet, the highest accessible point in the park. Pack a picnic lunch and spend some time discovering the beauty of this sprawling park, from the maintained trails to the native plants and flowers.

Experience Silent Sunday on the fourth Sunday of each month, a time in which visitors agree to silently appreciate the area. In May, May 28th marks this local holiday, providing the perfect reprieve from a busy Memorial Day Weekend. From 5 a.m. – 7 p.m., the main roadways are closed so visitors can take advantage of the park in its natural state.

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